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Special day in Tuscany!

Hello everybody, after this long summer break I’m here again with many news.

Today I want to tell you my experience on September 21st, 2019.

It hasn’t been a Saturday like any other, but a special one that I’ve lived in a really exciting way. I had the honour to take part of special wedding as Non Solo Impronte’s dog trainer. I met Nero (a staffordshire bull terrier) only the day before the wedding, for reasons that I’ll tell after.

The amazing wedding took place on a beach in Follonica, but Nero hasn’t seen the sea before; so, I suggest to take him there the day before to let him create a visual and olfactory map. Nero was wonderful and very tender with me even if we met for the first time; he was impeccable bringing the wedding rings. I felt very good because Nero was smoothly following me even waiting for the bride; all the people were very kind with me and above all with Nero.

The story of these newlyweds and their dog was amazing and I decided to have Paola, the bride, telling it.

- Hello Paola, first of all, let’s tell my readers how we met, as you’re Italian but you’re been living in London for years

Hello barbara, I knew you just through your blog, reading your article “I shoot pictures to dogs at weddings” and I contact you.

- Happy my blog is useful for our dogs life! now I’d like you to tell Nero’s story.

We met Nero in May 2015. At that time I was working close to home until 4:30 p.m. (uncommon in London) and I said to myself that we could finally have a dog. I grew up with a boxer called Sansone and I missed a dog. My husband Michele never had dogs, he liked them, but he didn’t know what it meant to have one.

I realized that I’d be away the whole day anyway, so we couldn’t have a puppy but I could have helped perhaps an elderly person with a dog. I checked the website borrowmydoggy.com and I saw Nero. His eyes made meimmediately fall in love.

I met the owner a Saturday morning.

Nero was two and a half years old, full of energy and love, and tender with everyone.

His owner loved him, but his son decided to have a dog and too soon he got tired of the responsability of taking care of another living being.

Though the owner loved him a lot, as I told before, he had no ideas how to take care of him; Nero lose one tooth playing with a golf stick… he ate what his owner ate, he didn’t have a routine and he lived in a very dirty and chaotic house. He walked him every day, except when he forgot to do it. For days.

I started as his dog sitter, but after olny one month Nero slept 4 nights with us and 3 at home. His owner travelled for long periods and Nero stayed with us.

But every time, every Monday, bringing him back was a torture for me. Nero was different with us, he was quiet, good, tender, he learned at home and at the park: how to play, to socialize, to bring back the ball and his routine, eating, sleeping, etc.

Meanwhile Michele was learning what it means to have a dog and sometimes he found it difficult, And meanwhile to my loved mummy was diagnosed the last cancer and a very hard period of my life began. My best friend and light was fading. Nero has been ESSENTIAL in the months that followed. He was there to protect me and to comfort me with my fiancé, now my husband. Nero’s owner finally moved forever to another country and left Nero to us. I made immediately all the documents and I officialy became his mummy: I cried with happiness, because the thought of Nero with that person who wasn’t able to take care of himself first was too painful.

What a relief!

Nero has been part of our life since the first moment, we two have an inseparable bond, but he also has a special relationship with my husband, he’s like a child for us. When we bought our flat in 2018, the first question has been if dogs were allowed; if not we’d never think about it.

Nero has suffered many traumatic events that I’ll never know, he has many fears and we spend new years eve at home; it’s not a problem.

This year we married in my loved Tuscany… when my husband said “We must bring Nero with us, we can’t have a wedding without him”, I understand he was the man for me, without any doubts! We made his passport, vaccinations and we travelled from London, where we live, to Tuscany by car.

Nero is part of our family, he changed our lives, but actually for the better. I could write a book about this story and maybe one day I’ll do it. I say to all the people who think that a dog is just a load: you couldn’t be so far from reality.

Wonderful story, I’m really happy for you and for Nero who has found special owners.

The article ends here and I hope you have liked it.

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